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Moving from Toronto to Vaughan (Vellore Village / Woodbridge)

The city of Vaughan, tagged “The City Above Toronto”, provides many positive features, making Vaughan one of the most desirable places to live outside Toronto’s core.  In 1999 when my husband & I got married, it made perfect sense to live in a condo in King West (Downtown Toronto).  We enjoyed close commutes to work, great restaurants & fun night life.  After a few years, our family started to grow with the birth of my first son.  Weighing all the option, in 2002 we decided to move to Vellore Village, what seemed like a “convenient” area for us in Vaughan.  We have been very happy in Vaughan, enjoying many benefits, including great schools, community centres, children’s programs, parks, Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre, a culturally diverse population, great neighbours, quick access to major highways & public transportation/Go Train.  We are now excited about the upcoming subway extension & the new Vaughan Hospital which is under construction (across from Canada’s Wonderland).

For our family, being close to many friends & having quick access to surrounding cities like Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Brampton, Barrie & Richmond Hill are a huge bonus.  Over the years we have made great friends & found favourite places in each of Vaughan’s distinct neighbourhoods (Woodbridge, Vellore Village, Sonoma Heights, Kleinburg, Weston Downs, Thornhill, Patterson, Beverly Glen & Maple).

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Housing prices in Vaughan, as of Dec.2014 

(Reported by the Toronto Real Estate Board):

Townhome: average = $568,496 

Semi-detached: average = $584,555 

Detached home: average = $973,307

Vellore Village would be considered a reasonable “entry point” into Vaughan, with fair starting prices, a good mix of property types & ethnic demographics for families & couples, surrounded by many conveniences and affluent neighbourhoods, such as Kleinburg, Thornhill, and King City.

In 2008, we had outgrown our townhouse in Vellore Village, and decided to move into a larger detached home in a slightly older area of Vaughan, known as West Woodbridge.  Property values have continued to rise in Vaughan at a rate of about 7%/year, which gave us the equity to up-size!  We opted to buy an older home, which we will update over time, as we plan to stay here for a long time.

If you are considering moving to Vaughan, and wish to learn more about the area, feel free to contact me!

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